The Best Resource Tower Lease Owners Have Is Each Other

For an industry built to connect billions of people, cell tower lease owners are often left isolated and alone – walled off from the industry insiders.

Experts and large companies control all the information.  Lease owners are often left in the dark without answers to basic questions like;

  • How much is my lease worth?
  • Am I getting a fair rent for my lease?
  • How do I protect my lease income?
  • And, of all the people calling me, who can I trust?

The truth is there are tens of thousands of lease owners, just like you. Each with knowledge and experiences, that if shared, can give you the confidence you need to make the best decisions for your situation and your lease.

Tower is a free community for lease owners to ask questions, get unbiased answers, and connect with others.

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Exclusive Videos & Reports

Members get access to tell-all videos and special reports, like our video “The 5 Most Common Cell Tower Lease Mistakes” shown below.

Case Studies

See actual case studies from other cell tower lease owners who sold or renegotiated their leases. Case studies often include copies of the actual leases or buyout agreements – with prices and rents.

Strategy Sessions

Got a question about a video or post? Need an opinion on a situation with your lease and what options you have? Give us a call.

You will get fully transparent, unbiased answers and opinions – at no cost to you. Every time.

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Participate in community forums and talk directly with verified lease owners just like you. No hidden agendas – just useful tips and advice freely shared.

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